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Income Statement (AAN)

itemMar 2024Dec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
gross Profit$271.38M$269.44M$271.90M$282.27M$295.69M
NET Income-$14.18M-$9.23M-$7.25M$6.51M$12.79M
total Revenue$511.49M$943.60M$665.47M$530.37M$554.36M

Balance Sheet (AAN)

itemMar 2024Dec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
cash Equivalents--$39.31M$38.36M$44.26M
net Debt$663.20M$637.62M$645.21M$650.67M$673.18M
stockholders Equity$670.53M$686.13M$700.67M$710.58M$703.90M
total Assets$1.78B$1.82B$1.78B$1.81B$1.82B
total Debt$704.23M$696.65M$684.52M$689.04M$717.45M
total Liabilities$1.11B$1.14B$1.08B$1.10B$1.12B

Cash Flow (AAN)

itemMar 2024Dec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
financing Cash Flow$13.22M$2.93M-$8.16M-$40.70M-$26.32M
free Cash Flow-$39.48M$5.82M$7.38M$32.04M$40.75M
investing Cash Flow---$62.31M-$36.68M-$18.06M
operating Cash Flow-$18.54M$31.30M$34.74M$53.40M$60.96M

Aaron's (AAN) Financials

INSTRUMENT_FINANCIALS Aaron's Inc (AAN) provides a comprehensive overview of the company's financial performance. The income statement reveals the company's revenue and expenses, with net income from stockholders indicating the profits generated. EBIT and EBITDA reflect the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization, providing insight into the company's operational profitability. Gross profit measures total revenue minus the cost of goods sold, highlighting the efficiency of the company's production and sales processes. Total revenue reflects the overall sales generated by Aaron's Inc.

The balance sheet presents a snapshot of the company's financial position. Cash equivalents indicate the cash-like assets readily convertible to cash. Net debt shows the company's debt after deducting its cash and cash equivalents. Stockholders' equity represents the residual interest in the company's assets after deducting liabilities. Total assets encompass all the resources owned by Aaron's Inc, and total debt represents the company's outstanding liabilities. Total liabilities include both short-term and long-term obligations. The cash flow statement presents the movement of cash within the company, with operating cash flow indicating the cash generated from the company's core business activities. Financing and investing cash flows reflect the cash flows related to financing activities and investment in assets, respectively. Free cash flow represents the excess cash generated after covering the necessary investments for future growth. Aaron's Inc strives for a strong financial performance, ensuring profitability and a solid financial position for future endeavors.

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