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Stocklytics Platform

Stock Alerts are your personal stock market watchdogs.

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Supercharge Your Stock Portfolio with Real-Time Stock Alerts

Are you tired of missing out on great investment opportunities because you couldn't keep an eye on the market 24/7? Say hello to our powerful feature: Stock Alerts. Get ready to take control of your investments and never miss a beat in the stock market again.

What Are Stock Alerts?

Stock Alerts are your personal stock market watchdogs. These alerts keep a vigilant eye on your selected stocks, so you don't have to. When a significant event or price movement occurs, you'll be the first to know, ensuring you can make timely, informed decisions.

Why Choose Stocklytics Stock Alerts?

Effortless Monitoring

Effortless Monitoring

No more endless hours staring at stock charts. Let our Stock Alerts do the work for you, allowing you to focus on your life while we keep an eye on your investments.

Opportunity Knocking

Opportunity Knocking

Don't miss out on potential profit opportunities. With Stock Alerts, you'll be well-positioned to seize the moment when a stock makes a move.



Tailor alerts to your specific needs. Whether you're a day trader, long-term investor, or somewhere in between, our alerts can be customized to match your strategy.

Stay Informed

Stay Informed

Our Stock Alerts provide real-time updates on the stocks that matter most to you. Whether it's a sudden price spike, breaking news, or a technical signal, you'll receive instant notifications.

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Diverse Array of Alert Types

When it comes to keeping you informed and in control, our platform offers an extensive range of alert types, ensuring you have the tools to tailor your notifications according to your specific requirements. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, you can count on us to provide the right alert at the right time.

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Comprehensive Data

Our alerts cover a wide range of stocks, from blue-chip giants to exciting startups. Stay informed about the stocks that matter to you.

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Real-Time Updates

Get instant alerts via email, SMS, or within our user-friendly platform whenever a significant event occurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Stock Alerts?

Stock Alerts are a feature that allows you to receive notifications or updates about specific stocks or investments in your portfolio. They help you stay informed about price changes, news, and other important developments.

How do I set up Stock Alerts?

To set up Stock Alerts, you can typically do so through our platform. Look for the option to create alerts, choose the stock or investment you want to track, and customize your alert preferences.

What types of Stock Alerts can I create?

You can create alerts for various events, including price thresholds (e.g., stock reaches a certain price), volume changes, news articles related to the stock, and more.

Can I receive Stock Alerts via email?

Yes, our platform offers the option to receive Stock Alerts through email only for now. But soon, we will offer SMS, or push notifications on your mobile device, depending on your preferences.

Is there a limit to the number of Stock Alerts I can set up?

The number of Stock Alerts you can set up often depends whether you are a unlimited user. If you are using our platform for free, you will be able to activate only 3 alerts at the same time.

Can I set up Stock Alerts for multiple stocks at once?

Yes, you can usually set up alerts for multiple stocks or investments simultaneously. This is useful for monitoring an entire portfolio.

Are Stock Alerts customizable?

Yes, Stock Alerts are often customizable. You can specify the conditions that trigger an alert, such as price thresholds, percentage changes, or specific news keywords.

Can I pause or deactivate Stock Alerts temporarily?

Yes, our platform allows you to pause or deactivate Stock Alerts whenever you wish. This is useful if you want to temporarily stop receiving notifications.

Are Stock Alerts available for international stocks and markets?

Yes, Stock Alerts can be set up for both domestic and international stocks and markets.

Are Stock Alerts free to use, or do they come with a subscription fee?

On the Stocklytics platform, users can initially activate up to 3 alerts for free. For unlimited alert creation, users will need to subscribe to the Unlimited plan.

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Start Making Informed Investment Decisions

Don't let market uncertainty and the fast-paced world of stocks intimidate you. With Stock Alerts, you'll have a reliable partner in your investment journey. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, our alerts will help you make smarter, more timely decisions.

Approach investments with caution like a driver who slows down on a curvy road.