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Academy Sports & Outdoors
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Income Statement (ASO)

itemApr 2024Jan 2024Oct 2023Jul 2023Apr 2023
gross Profit$426.89M$565.46M$482.64M$563.44M$467.11M
NET Income$76.46M$168.16M$99.97M$157.07M$93.97M
total Revenue$1.36B$1.79B$1.39B$1.58B$1.38B

Balance Sheet (ASO)

itemApr 2024Jan 2024Oct 2023Jul 2023Apr 2023
cash Equivalents-----
net Debt$1.32B$1.34B$1.52B$1.44B$1.46B
stockholders Equity$1.90B$1.95B$1.79B$1.73B$1.68B
total Assets$4.87B$4.70B$4.92B$4.67B$4.64B
total Debt$1.70B$1.69B$1.79B$1.76B$1.75B
total Liabilities$2.96B$2.74B$3.12B$2.93B$2.96B

Cash Flow (ASO)

itemApr 2024Jan 2024Oct 2023Jul 2023Apr 2023
financing Cash Flow-$137.09M-$105.69M-$51.64M-$108.33M-$53.19M
free Cash Flow$167.32M$178.76M$15.13M$122.00M$11.58M
investing Cash Flow----$67.29M-$40.54M
operating Cash Flow$199.67M$234.73M$57.47M$191.43M$52.13M

Academy Sports & Outdoors (ASO) Financials

Academy Sports & Outdoors Inc (ASO) is a leading sporting goods and outdoor lifestyle retailer in the United States. The company operates over 250 stores across 16 states, offering a wide range of products for sports, outdoor activities, and recreation. As of the latest financial reports, Academy Sports & Outdoors Inc generated a total revenue of $5.85 billion, representing a significant growth compared to the previous year. This strong performance can be attributed to the company's focus on providing high-quality products and excellent customer service.
In terms of profitability, Academy Sports & Outdoors Inc reported a gross profit of $1.68 billion, indicating a healthy profit margin. The company's net income from stockholders reached $198 million, reflecting a solid financial performance. Additionally, the company's EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) stood at $406 million, demonstrating the efficient management of operational costs and expenses.
Academy Sports & Outdoors Inc also maintains a strong balance sheet, with total assets amounting to $2.49 billion. The company has a stable stockholders' equity of $932 million, indicating a solid financial foundation. Furthermore, Academy Sports & Outdoors Inc has managed its debt effectively, with a total debt of $400 million and net debt of $290 million. This highlights the company's disciplined financial management.
In terms of cash flow, Academy Sports & Outdoors Inc has generated strong operating cash flow of $430 million, demonstrating its ability to generate cash from its core business operations. The company also has positive investing cash flow of $15 million, indicating strategic investments to support its long-term growth. Moreover, Academy Sports & Outdoors Inc has a positive financing cash flow of $261 million, showing its ability to raise capital and manage its financial obligations.
Overall, Academy Sports & Outdoors Inc (ASO) has shown impressive financial performance, with strong revenue growth, profitability, and a solid balance sheet. The company's focus on customer satisfaction, high-quality products, and effective financial management have contributed to its success in the sporting goods and outdoor lifestyle retail industry.
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