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Income Statement (BREA)

itemSep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023Dec 2022Jun 2022
gross Profit-$601.64K$35.05K-$80.21K$77.39K$60.06K
NET Income-$1.64M$627.00-$1.14M-$21.76K-$104.67K
total Revenue$85.39K$53.68K$31.29K$105.04K$143.65K

Balance Sheet (BREA)

itemSep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023Dec 2022Jun 2022
cash Equivalents-----
net Debt-$4.46M-$6,438.25-$17.90K-$17.90K$384.94K
stockholders Equity$4.54M-$41.75K-$131.21K-$131.21K-$349.45K
total Assets$5.78M$36.10K$1.12M$1.12M$587.58K
total Debt$155.52K$6,904.75$329.32K$329.32K$404.11K
total Liabilities$1.16M$77.86K$1.25M$1.25M$937.04K

Cash Flow (BREA)

itemSep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023Dec 2022Jun 2022
financing Cash Flow$6.36M-$1.29M--$45.32K
free Cash Flow-$783.21K$7,226.25-$967.80K$2,624.00$36.81K
investing Cash Flow-----$605.00
operating Cash Flow-$783.21K$7,226.25-$967.90K$6,712.25$38.13K


BRERA HOLDINGS PLC (BREA) is a financial services company that provides a range of products and services to individuals and businesses. The company's income statement shows the financial performance of the company over a specific period, typically a fiscal quarter or year. It provides information about the company's revenue, expenses, and net income. The EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) is a measure of the company's profitability that shows how much profit it generated before considering interest and taxes. The EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) is similar to EBIT but also accounts for non-cash expenses like depreciation and amortization. The gross profit is the revenue minus the cost of goods sold and represents the profit generated from core business operations. The net income from stockholders reflects the profit available to stockholders after all expenses and taxes have been paid. The total revenue represents the sum of all sales generated by the company. The balance sheet is a snapshot of the company's financial position at a specific point in time and shows its assets, liabilities, and stockholders' equity. The cash equivalents on the balance sheet refer to highly liquid assets that can be easily converted to cash. The net debt is the total amount of debt minus any cash or cash equivalents. Stockholders' equity represents the net worth of the company and is calculated by subtracting total liabilities from total assets. The total assets on the balance sheet represent the company's resources, including cash, investments, property, and equipment. The total debt is the sum of all the debts owed by the company. Total liabilities represent the company's obligations and include both short-term and long-term debts. The cash flow statement provides information about the company's cash inflows and outflows during a specific period. The financing cash flow shows the cash flow related to raising or repaying capital, such as issuing or repurchasing stock, or borrowing or repaying debt. The free cash flow is the cash flow available for distribution to investors after all capital expenditures and working capital requirements have been met. The investing cash flow shows the cash flow related to investments in assets, such as purchasing property, plant, and equipment or acquiring other companies. The operating cash flow shows the cash flow generated from the company's core business operations, including sales and expenses.

In summary, BRERA HOLDINGS PLC (BREA) provides a comprehensive set of financial services and products and is focused on ensuring profitability and growth. The income statement, EBIT, EBITDA, gross profit, net income from stockholders, and total revenue provide insights into the financial performance of the company. The balance sheet highlights the company's assets, liabilities, and stockholders' equity, including cash equivalents, net debt, and stockholders' equity. The total assets, total debt, and total liabilities give an overview of the company's financial structure. The cash flow statement, including the financing, free, investing, and operating cash flows, provides information about the company's cash inflows and outflows. Overall, understanding these financial metrics is crucial in evaluating BRERA HOLDINGS PLC's financial health and performance.

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