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Boston Scientific Corp (BSX) Stocklytics Forecast

Boston Scientific Corp, also known as BSX, is a leading medical device company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of innovative medical solutions. With a strong track record of delivering high-quality products and technology, BSX has gained a solid reputation in the healthcare industry. Investors and analysts are interested in predicting the future stock price of BSX to make informed investment decisions.

When it comes to forecasting the stock price of Boston Scientific Corp, several factors need to be considered. One important factor is the overall performance and financial health of the company. By analyzing the company's financial statements, including its revenue, earnings, and cash flow, analysts can get a better understanding of BSX's growth potential. Additionally, industry trends and market conditions play a crucial role in determining the future stock price of BSX.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the analyst price prediction for Boston Scientific Corp (BSX) stock?

Currently, there are no available analyst price predictions for Boston Scientific Corp (BSX). This absence of data could be due to various factors such as the lack of recent analyst reviews or updates.

What are the analyst ratings for Boston Scientific Corp (BSX) stock?

The analyst ratings for Boston Scientific Corp (BSX) are distributed as follows: 18 analysts recommend buying, 6 have a neutral stance, and 0 suggest selling. The prevailing sentiment among the total of 24 analysts leans towards a buy rating. These ratings indicate the general sentiment among the analysts covering Boston Scientific Corp.

What is the AI price prediction for Boston Scientific Corp (BSX) stock?

The AI price prediction model, leveraging machine-learning techniques, forecasts that Boston Scientific Corp (BSX) stock could reach $65.6 by 2024 Feb 29. This prediction indicates a potential price change of -1.26%. The forecast has a lifetime of 30 days, culminating on the target date provided. The prediction was made on 2024 Feb 01.


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