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Financial Services
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Last Ex-Div. Date
Jun 14, 2024
Payment date:
Jul 2, 2024
Dividend Growth Rate

Jun 14, 2023

Dividend Amount Per Share (FISI)

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Dividend History (FISI)

Ex-DateAmountYieldFrequencyDeclaration DateRecord DatePayment Date
Jun 14, 2024$0.307.01%QuarterlyMay 22, 2024Jun 14, 2024Jul 2, 2024
Mar 14, 2024$0.306.56%QuarterlyFeb 13, 2024Mar 15, 2024Apr 2, 2024
Dec 13, 2023$0.305.82%QuarterlyNov 15, 2023Dec 14, 2023Jan 2, 2024
Sep 13, 2023$0.306.99%QuarterlyAug 21, 2023Sep 14, 2023Oct 2, 2023
Jun 14, 2023$0.307.07%QuarterlyMay 24, 2023Jun 15, 2023Jul 3, 2023
Mar 15, 2023$0.305.56%QuarterlyFeb 17, 2023Mar 16, 2023Apr 3, 2023
Dec 15, 2022$0.294.85%QuarterlyNov 21, 2022Dec 16, 2022Jan 3, 2023
Sep 15, 2022$0.294.56%QuarterlyAug 22, 2022Sep 16, 2022Oct 3, 2022
Jun 16, 2022$0.294.35%QuarterlyMay 25, 2022Jun 17, 2022Jul 5, 2022
Mar 17, 2022$0.293.44%QuarterlyFeb 17, 2022Mar 18, 2022Apr 4, 2022
Dec 16, 2021$0.273.37%QuarterlyNov 19, 2021Dec 17, 2021Jan 3, 2022
Sep 16, 2021$0.273.69%QuarterlyAug 24, 2021Sep 17, 2021Oct 4, 2021
Jun 17, 2021$0.273.37%QuarterlyMay 26, 2021Jun 18, 2021Jul 2, 2021
Mar 18, 2021$0.273.46%QuarterlyFeb 25, 2021Mar 19, 2021Apr 2, 2021
Dec 18, 2020$0.264.80%QuarterlyNov 25, 2020Dec 21, 2020Jan 4, 2021
Sep 10, 2020$0.266.15%QuarterlyAug 25, 2020Sep 11, 2020Oct 2, 2020
Jun 11, 2020$0.265.93%QuarterlyMay 27, 2020Jun 12, 2020Jul 2, 2020
Mar 18, 2020$0.267.07%QuarterlyFeb 27, 2020Mar 19, 2020Apr 2, 2020
Dec 12, 2019$0.253.05%QuarterlyNov 26, 2019Dec 13, 2019Jan 2, 2020
Sep 12, 2019$0.253.21%QuarterlyAug 20, 2019Sep 13, 2019Oct 2, 2019
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Stock Split History (FISI)

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Financial Institutions (FISI) Dividends & Splits

Financial Institutions Inc (FISI) is a publicly traded company that provides banking and financial services to individuals and businesses. As part of its commitment to providing value to shareholders, the company has a history of paying dividends and executing stock splits. Dividends are a distribution of a portion of the company's profits to its shareholders. They can be a way for investors to receive a return on their investment, in addition to any potential appreciation in the stock's price. Financial Institutions Inc (FISI) has a dividend yield, which is the annual dividend payment divided by the stock's current price. This can be a measure of the return on investment that shareholders can expect to receive from owning the stock. The payout ratio is the percentage of the company's earnings that is paid out as dividends. A higher payout ratio may indicate that the company is distributing a larger portion of its earnings to shareholders. The dividend ex-date is the date on which a stock's price is adjusted downward to reflect the payment of a dividend. Investors who purchase the stock on or after this date are not eligible to receive the dividend payment. Stock splits are a way to increase the number of shares outstanding, while reducing the stock's price. Financial Institutions Inc (FISI) has executed stock splits in the past, although the specific details of these splits, such as the split multiple, have not been disclosed publicly. The dividend amount per share is the actual cash payment that is made to shareholders for each share that they own. Financial Institutions Inc (FISI) has a dividend growth rate, which is the annualized rate at which the company has increased its dividend payment over a certain period of time. This growth rate can be indicative of the company's financial health and its commitment to returning value to shareholders. The dividend yield range is the range of dividend yields that the stock has historically exhibited. This range can provide investors with an idea of the potential return on investment that they can expect from owning the stock. The dividend payment date is the date on which the dividend payment is actually made to shareholders. Financial Institutions Inc (FISI) has a dividend payment frequency, which is the frequency at which it pays dividends to shareholders. This frequency can be annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly, depending on the company's dividend policy.
In conclusion, Financial Institutions Inc (FISI) is a company that has a history of paying dividends and executing stock splits. These dividends can provide shareholders with a return on their investment, while stock splits can adjust the stock's price and increase the number of shares outstanding. The specific details of the company's dividends and splits, such as the dividend amount per share and split multiple, have not been disclosed publicly. However, the company's dividend yield, payout ratio, dividend ex-date, dividend growth rate, dividend yield range, dividend payment date, and dividend payment frequency can provide investors with valuable information about the company's commitment to returning value to shareholders.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Financial Institutions (FISI) stock pay dividends?
Yes, Financial Institutions (FISI) pays dividends to its shareholders. The current dividend yield is 5.28%, with an annual dividend payout per share of $1.2. The most recent dividend payment was $0.3, distributed on the last ex-dividend date of 2024 Jun 14. Year-on-year, the dividends per share have grown by 1.69%.
When was the last Financial Institutions (FISI) stock split?
Financial Institutions (FISI) has not undergone any stock splits. This indicates that the company has maintained a consistent share structure over time.

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