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Dividend Stats (GASS)

no data available for dividend stats

There's no data available for dividend stats

Dividend Amount Per Share (GASS)

Dividend Yield Range (GASS)

Dividend History (GASS)

Ex-DateAmountYieldFrequencyDeclaration DateRecord DatePayment Date
Feb 26, 2009$0.1812.72%Quarterly-Mar 2, 2009Mar 9, 2009
Nov 20, 2008$0.1826.76%Quarterly-Nov 24, 2008Dec 1, 2008
Aug 27, 2008$0.184.48%Quarterly-Aug 29, 2008Sep 5, 2008
Jun 4, 2008$0.184.67%Quarterly-Jun 6, 2008Jun 13, 2008
Feb 27, 2008$0.184.74%Quarterly-Feb 29, 2008Mar 6, 2008
Nov 20, 2007$0.184.71%Quarterly-Nov 23, 2007Nov 30, 2007
Aug 22, 2007$0.184.44%Quarterly-Aug 24, 2007Aug 31, 2007
May 31, 2007$0.184.43%Quarterly-Jun 4, 2007Jun 12, 2007
Mar 1, 2007$0.185.86%Quarterly-Mar 5, 2007Mar 12, 2007
Nov 29, 2006$0.186.24%Quarterly-Dec 1, 2006Dec 5, 2006
Aug 29, 2006$0.184.15%Quarterly-Aug 31, 2006Sep 5, 2006
May 11, 2006$0.182.65%Quarterly-May 15, 2006May 25, 2006
Jan 12, 2006$0.181.44%Other-Jan 17, 2006Jan 25, 2006

Stock Split History (GASS)

no data available for Splits

There's no data available for Splits

StealthGas (GASS) Dividends & Splits

The dividends and splits for StealthGas Inc (GASS) play an important role in providing returns to its shareholders. The company has a consistent track record of paying dividends to its investors. The dividend yield of StealthGas Inc is a key metric that indicates the annual dividend payment as a percentage of the stock's current price. It is a measure of the return on investment for shareholders. The payout ratio, on the other hand, shows the proportion of earnings that are distributed as dividends. A higher payout ratio indicates that a larger portion of earnings is being paid out as dividends.

StealthGas Inc (GASS) has also undergone a split in its stock. A stock split is a corporate action in which a company increases the number of its outstanding shares by dividing each share into multiple shares. The split multiple determines the ratio at which the shares are split. The dividend amount per share is the actual cash dividend paid for each share of stock owned by a shareholder. The dividend growth rate measures the increase in dividend payments over time. It is an important indicator of the company's financial health and its ability to generate consistent income for shareholders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does StealthGas (GASS) stock pay dividends?

No, StealthGas (GASS) does not pay dividends. This could indicate that the company is currently focusing on reinvesting its earnings into growth opportunities rather than distributing them as dividends.

When was the last StealthGas (GASS) stock split?

StealthGas (GASS) has not undergone any stock splits. This indicates that the company has maintained a consistent share structure over time.


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