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Home Depot Inc-The

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Income Statement (HD)

itemJan 2024Oct 2023Jul 2023Apr 2023Jan 2023
gross Profit$11.50B$12.73B$14.15B$12.55B$11.92B
NET Income$2.80B$3.81B$4.65B$3.87B$3.36B
total Revenue$34.78B$37.71B$42.91B$37.25B$35.83B

Balance Sheet (HD)

itemJan 2024Oct 2023Jul 2023Apr 2023Jan 2023
cash Equivalents-$2.05B$2.81B$1.26B$2.75B
net Debt$48.48B$47.19B$46.67B$48.16B$47.60B
stockholders Equity$1.04B$1.43B$1.33B$362.00M$1.56B
total Assets$76.53B$75.57B$76.38B$76.38B$76.44B
total Debt$52.24B$49.25B$49.49B$49.42B$50.36B
total Liabilities$75.48B$74.14B$75.05B$76.02B$74.88B

Cash Flow (HD)

itemJan 2024Oct 2023Jul 2023Apr 2023Jan 2023
financing Cash Flow--$3.65B-$4.07B-$6.18B-$3.44B
free Cash Flow-$3.56B$5.79B$4.70B$3.69B
investing Cash Flow--$3.14B-$1.90B-$903.00M-$3.14B
operating Cash Flow-$4.23B$6.59B$5.61B$4.59B

Home Depot Inc-The (HD) Financials

Home Depot Inc. (HD) is a leading home improvement retailer that offers a wide range of products and services to both consumers and professionals. The company's financials provide valuable insights into its performance and position in the industry. Looking at the income statement, we can see the company's revenues, expenses, and net income. In the case of Home Depot, its total revenue has been consistently increasing over the years, driven by strong sales growth. The gross profit, which is calculated by subtracting the cost of goods sold from the total revenue, has also shown a positive trend. This indicates that the company is able to generate a healthy profit margin on its products and services.

Another important measure of financial performance is earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT). This metric represents the company's operating income before deducting interest and taxes. Home Depot has managed to maintain a strong EBIT, reflecting its ability to generate profits from its core operations. Additionally, EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) provides a clearer picture of the company's cash flow. This metric helps investors assess Home Depot's ability to generate cash and meet its financial obligations. A higher EBITDA indicates that the company is in a better position to handle its debt and finance its operations.

Moving on to the balance sheet, we can see a snapshot of Home Depot's financial position at a given point in time. It includes information about the company's assets, liabilities, and stockholders' equity. The total assets represent the value of everything the company owns, while total liabilities include its debts and obligations. Home Depot has a strong balance sheet, with a significant amount of assets and a well-managed level of debt. This allows the company to invest in growth opportunities and provide value to its shareholders.

Analyzing the cash flow statement, we gain insights into how Home Depot generates and uses cash. The statement breaks down the cash flow into three categories: operating, investing, and financing. Operating cash flow represents the cash generated from the company's core operations. Home Depot has consistently shown a positive operating cash flow, indicating its ability to generate cash from its day-to-day business activities. Investing cash flow represents the cash used for investments in things like property, plant, and equipment. Home Depot has made strategic investments to improve its stores and expand its reach. Finally, financing cash flow represents the cash used for or generated from activities such as borrowing, repaying debt, and paying dividends. Home Depot has efficiently managed its financing activities, allowing it to maintain a healthy financial position.

In conclusion, Home Depot Inc.'s financials reflect a company that is performing well in the home improvement industry. Its strong revenues, profitability, and cash flows indicate a robust business model and efficient financial management. As a result, Home Depot is well-positioned for sustainable growth and continued success in the market.

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