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Income Statement (HQY)

itemApr 2024Jan 2024Oct 2023Jul 2023Apr 2023
gross Profit$161.59M$140.10M$158.40M$150.93M$147.82M
NET Income$28.81M$26.36M$14.67M$10.58M$4.09M
total Revenue$287.59M$262.38M$249.21M$243.54M$244.43M

Balance Sheet (HQY)

itemApr 2024Jan 2024Oct 2023Jul 2023Apr 2023
cash Equivalents-----
net Debt$732.45M$529.16M$600.55M$645.63M$716.53M
stockholders Equity$2.09B$2.03B$1.98B$1.94B$1.91B
total Assets$3.24B$3.23B$3.09B$3.06B$3.03B
total Debt$983.68M$933.14M$934.61M$935.97M$942.17M
total Liabilities$1.14B$1.20B$1.10B$1.11B$1.11B

Cash Flow (HQY)

itemApr 2024Jan 2024Oct 2023Jul 2023Apr 2023
financing Cash Flow$51.77M$4.11M$2.02M-$2.15M-$51.02M
free Cash Flow-$204.52M$65.80M$41.68M$66.85M$22.40M
investing Cash Flow----$10.24M-$9.13M
operating Cash Flow$65.42M$77.07M$57.10M$77.10M$31.53M

HealthEquity (HQY) Financials

The financials of HealthEquity Inc (HQY) provide valuable insight into the company's performance and financial health. Looking at the income statement, we can see the company's revenue and expenses over a specific period. In the most recent report, HealthEquity Inc reported a solid increase in total revenue, which reached an impressive figure. Gross profit also saw a significant rise, indicating effective cost management and revenue generation. Furthermore, net income from stockholders demonstrates the company's profitability and ability to generate returns for investors.

Moving on to the balance sheet, HealthEquity Inc's total assets represent the value of the company's resources. The company has a substantial amount of total assets, indicating its financial strength. Stockholders' equity, a crucial metric for investors, reveals the portion of the company that belongs to shareholders. HealthEquity Inc's stockholders' equity shows a strong position, providing a cushion against potential financial risks. Additionally, total liabilities and total debt shed light on the company's obligations and financial leverage.

Cash flow is a crucial aspect to assess a company's financial health. HealthEquity Inc's cash flow statement breaks down the company's cash equivalents and cash flows from various activities. Cash equivalents include highly liquid assets that can be converted into cash quickly. Net debt, on the other hand, reveals the company's borrowing position. HealthEquity Inc's net debt showcases its financial obligations and the extent to which it relies on borrowing. Moreover, the operating cash flow shows the company's ability to generate cash from its core operations.

Examining the financing cash flow, we can see the company's cash flows from financing activities such as issuing or repurchasing stock, dividends, and debt issuance or repayments. HealthEquity Inc's financing cash flow allows investors to understand the company's capital structure and how it funds its operations and growth initiatives. Furthermore, the investing cash flow reveals the cash flows from investments in assets, acquisitions, or divestitures. For HealthEquity Inc, the investing cash flow provides insights into its investment activities and potential for future growth. Finally, free cash flow, a crucial metric for evaluating a company's financial performance, represents the cash remaining after deducting capital expenditures from operating cash flow.

In conclusion, HealthEquity Inc's financials paint a positive picture of the company's performance and financial strength. The income statement indicates strong revenue growth and effective cost management, leading to impressive profitability. The balance sheet demonstrates a strong position with substantial assets and stockholders' equity. Cash flow analysis reveals the company's liquidity, borrowing position, and ability to generate cash from core operations. Considering these financial indicators, HealthEquity Inc appears to be in a solid financial position, positioning it well for future growth and success.

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