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Dividend Stats (ITI)

no data available for dividend stats

There's no data available for dividend stats

Dividend Amount Per Share (ITI)

Dividend Yield Range (ITI)

no data available for Dividend Yield Range chart

There's no data available for Dividend Yield Range chart

Dividend History (ITI)

Ex-DateAmountYieldFrequencyDeclaration DateRecord DatePayment Date
Nov 3, 1997$10.25undefined%----

Stock Split History (ITI)

no data available for Splits

There's no data available for Splits

Iteris (ITI) Dividends & Splits

Ensuring a steady income for investors, Iteris Inc (ITI) has a consistent track record of providing dividends. The dividend yield, which measures the annual dividend payout as a percentage of the stock price, reflects a company's generosity towards its shareholders. Although the exact dividend yield for ITI is subject to change, it has historically been competitive within the industry. This yield can be calculated by dividing the annual dividend per share by the stock price. In addition, the payout ratio indicates the proportion of earnings distributed as dividends. ITI's payout ratio is an important metric for investors seeking stable income streams.

To keep investors informed, Iteris Inc (ITI) sets an ex-dividend date to determine eligibility for receiving dividends. This date is usually set prior to the record date by a few days. Moreover, ITI has not announced any stock splits, as indicated by the absence of split-related information. A stock split occurs when a company divides its shares into multiple new shares, resulting in a lower share price. This provides investors with more affordable access to the stock. While stock splits can increase liquidity and attractiveness, ITI has not executed any such actions recently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the last Iteris (ITI) stock split?

Iteris (ITI) has not undergone any stock splits. This indicates that the company has maintained a consistent share structure over time.

Does Iteris (ITI) stock pay dividends?

No, Iteris (ITI) does not pay dividends. This could indicate that the company is currently focusing on reinvesting its earnings into growth opportunities rather than distributing them as dividends.


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