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JPMorgan Chase & Co

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Income Statement (JPM)

itemDec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023Dec 2022
gross Profit$38.60B$36.17B$35.24B$35.04B$32.25B
NET Income$9.30B$13.15B$14.47B$12.62B$11.00B
total Revenue$38.60B$39.76B$38.58B$38.34B$34.54B

Balance Sheet (JPM)

itemDec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023Dec 2022
cash Equivalents-----
net Debt-$187.61B$62.38B$42.24B-$63.11B-$100.50B
stockholders Equity$327.87B$317.37B$312.51B$303.08B$292.33B
total Assets$3.87T$3.89T$3.86T$3.74T$3.66T
total Debt$436.53B$573.75B$537.36B$482.88B$466.72B
total Liabilities$3.54T$3.58T$3.55T$3.44T$3.37T

Cash Flow (JPM)

itemDec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023Dec 2022
financing Cash Flow-$35.89B-$4.31B-$49.91B$64.55B-$142.34B
free Cash Flow$60.23B$45.11B$18.86B-$111.24B$101.22B
investing Cash Flow--$12.23B-$18.24B$23.79B-$51.53B
operating Cash Flow$60.23B$45.11B$18.86B-$111.24B$101.22B

JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM) Financials

JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM) is a leading global financial services firm with assets of $2.8 trillion and operations worldwide. The company offers a range of services to corporations, governments, and individuals, including banking, wealth management, and investment banking. JPMorgan Chase & Co reported total revenue of $115.6 billion in 2019. Gross profit for the year was $76.9 billion, while net income attributable to common stockholders was $36.4 billion. Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) stood at $41.8 billion, and EBITDA was $58 billion. The company's balance sheet reflected total assets of $2.7 trillion, total liabilities of $2.5 trillion, and stockholders' equity of $216.9 billion. Cash equivalents amounted to $461.9 billion, while net debt was $349.4 billion.

JPMorgan Chase & Co's financial performance was driven by strong results across its business segments. The Consumer & Community Banking segment reported revenue of $55.6 billion, supported by higher deposit balances and lending volumes. The Corporate & Investment Bank segment generated revenue of $39.3 billion, driven by strong performance in investment banking and fixed income markets. The Commercial Banking segment contributed $8.1 billion in revenue, while the Asset & Wealth Management segment reported revenue of $13.5 billion. JPMorgan Chase & Co's cash flow from operating activities was $57.9 billion, reflecting the company's ability to generate consistent cash flows. The financing cash flow stood at $17.9 billion, mainly driven by debt issuances and share repurchases. The investing cash flow was $33.7 billion, primarily driven by capital expenditures and acquisitions. JPMorgan Chase & Co's free cash flow for the year was $24.2 billion, representing the amount of cash available to be distributed to shareholders or reinvested in the business.

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