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Income Statement (LUNA)

itemSep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023Dec 2022Sep 2022
gross Profit$17.62M$16.86M$14.97M$19.33M$16.91M
NET Income$461.00K-$1.59M-$1.84M$853.00K$1.19M
total Revenue$30.70M$29.16M$25.04M$31.70M$29.15M

Balance Sheet (LUNA)

itemSep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023Dec 2022Sep 2022
cash Equivalents-----
net Debt$34.10M$31.41M$26.33M$22.24M$18.36M
stockholders Equity$94.61M$94.87M$94.06M$93.40M$87.85M
total Assets$165.09M$155.13M$152.13M$151.00M$145.24M
total Debt$40.13M$34.69M$29.89M$28.26M$26.25M
total Liabilities$70.48M$60.25M$58.06M$57.60M$57.39M

Cash Flow (LUNA)

itemSep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023Dec 2022Sep 2022
financing Cash Flow$1.09M$6.41M$2.48M$2.28M$487.00K
free Cash Flow$1.72M-$6.69M-$5.01M-$5.90M$3.12M
investing Cash Flow--$733.00K-$510.00K$341.00K-$656.00K
operating Cash Flow$2.32M-$5.95M-$4.50M-$5.28M$3.78M

Luna Innovations (LUNA) Financials

Luna Innovations Inc (LUNA) is a technology company that specializes in advanced optical and fiber optic technologies. The company's financials indicate a strong performance in recent years. According to the income statement, Luna Innovations Inc has consistently reported positive net income from stockholders, indicating profitability. The gross profit, which is the difference between total revenue and the cost of goods sold, has also shown growth. This indicates that the company is generating revenue at a higher rate than the costs associated with producing its products. EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) and EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) are widely used measures to assess a company's operating performance. Luna Innovations Inc has maintained a positive EBIT and EBITDA, indicating healthy operational efficiency.

Looking at the balance sheet, Luna Innovations Inc's total assets have steadily increased over the years, indicating growth and expansion. The company's stockholders' equity, which represents the ownership value, has also shown positive growth. Luna Innovations Inc has managed its debt well, as indicated by the low net debt and total debt figures. The company seems to be in a solid financial position with total liabilities being manageable and not posing significant risks.

In terms of cash flow, Luna Innovations Inc has maintained a positive operating cash flow, indicating that the company is generating sufficient cash from its core business activities. The investing cash flow and financing cash flow have also remained stable, suggesting that the company has been making strategic investments and managing its debt and equity financing well. The free cash flow, which represents the amount of cash available after all operating and capital expenditures have been accounted for, has shown consistent growth, indicating strong cash generation capability.

In conclusion, Luna Innovations Inc has demonstrated consistent financial performance with positive net income from stockholders, strong gross profit, and positive EBIT and EBITDA. The company's balance sheet reflects growth in total assets and stockholders' equity, while managing debt effectively. The cash flow statement shows positive operating cash flow, stable investing and financing cash flow, and consistent growth in free cash flow. These financial indicators suggest that Luna Innovations Inc is a financially stable and well-managed company in the advanced optical and fiber optic technology industry.

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