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Income Statement (STC)

itemMar 2024Dec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
gross Profit-$136.39B$380.60B-$129.85B-$128.78B-$120.21B
NET Income$3.13M$8.81M$13.99M$15.81M-$5.21M
total Revenue$554.31M$582.16M$601.71M$549.15M$524.30M

Balance Sheet (STC)

itemMar 2024Dec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
cash Equivalents--$202.98M$190.03M$174.81M
net Debt$439.80M$347.57M$384.21M$401.63M$417.84M
stockholders Equity$1.35B$1.37B$1.35B$1.35B$1.35B
total Assets$2.65B$2.70B$2.66B$2.67B$2.67B
total Debt$578.15M$580.94M$587.20M$591.67M$592.66M
total Liabilities$1.28B$1.32B$611.29M$620.13M$622.89M

Cash Flow (STC)

itemMar 2024Dec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
financing Cash Flow-$16.77M-$17.93M-$15.48M-$18.29M-$17.38M
free Cash Flow-$39.80M$31.16M$45.54M$28.50M-$59.95M
investing Cash Flow---$36.75M-$2.49M-$4.81M
operating Cash Flow-$29.58M$39.46M$59.53M$35.10M-$51.06M

Stewart Information Services (STC) Financials

Stewart Information Services Corp (STC) is a leading provider of real estate services, including title insurance, closing and settlement services, and appraisal and valuation services. The company's financials reflect its strong performance in the industry. According to the income statement, Stewart Information Services Corp reported a healthy gross profit, which is the revenue generated after deducting the cost of goods sold. This indicates the company's ability to generate revenue efficiently. The net income from stockholders further highlights the company's profitability, as it represents the amount of income that is available for distribution to shareholders.

Total revenue is a crucial metric for assessing a company's financial health. Stewart Information Services Corp has consistently shown impressive total revenue, indicating its ability to attract and retain clients in a highly competitive market. The balance sheet is another important financial statement that provides insight into the company's financial position. The cash equivalents and net debt figures reflect the company's liquidity and its ability to meet short-term obligations. Additionally, stockholders' equity represents the amount of the company's assets that is attributable to its shareholders, highlighting their stake in the company's success.

Total assets and total debt are key figures in assessing a company's financial leverage. Stewart Information Services Corp has demonstrated a strong balance sheet by maintaining a favorable ratio between total assets and total debt. This indicates the company's ability to manage its debt and use its assets efficiently. Total liabilities represent the company's obligations to creditors and other stakeholders. By examining the proportion of total liabilities to total assets, investors can assess the company's overall financial stability.

Cash flow is a crucial aspect of any business, as it represents the movement of cash into and out of the company. Stewart Information Services Corp's cash flow shows its ability to generate and manage cash effectively. The financing cash flow reflects the company's ability to raise capital through debt or equity financing. The investing cash flow represents the company's investment activities, such as purchasing assets or making acquisitions. Lastly, the operating cash flow indicates the cash generated from the company's core business operations, reflecting its profitability and efficiency.

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