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Income Statement (TTEC)

itemMar 2024Dec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
gross Profit$122.82M$94.21M$123.25M$135.70M$150.60M
NET Income-$2.30M-$9.90M-$1.53M$1.21M$18.64M
total Revenue$576.63M$624.93M$602.95M$600.39M$633.28M

Balance Sheet (TTEC)

itemMar 2024Dec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
cash Equivalents-----
net Debt$988.16M$960.16M$947.61M$925.23M$887.52M
stockholders Equity$595.31M$598.63M$586.19M$620.66M$594.00M
total Assets$2.11B$2.18B$2.16B$2.17B$2.13B
total Debt$1.07B$1.13B$1.09B$1.04B$1.03B
total Liabilities$1.50B$1.57B$1.56B$1.52B$1.52B

Cash Flow (TTEC)

itemMar 2024Dec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
financing Cash Flow-$46.48M$3.28M$43.45M-$71.34M-$43.63M
free Cash Flow-$29.10M$18.41M-$53.48M$76.60M$35.38M
investing Cash Flow----$19.28M-$13.64M
operating Cash Flow-$15.62M$31.53M-$31.71M$95.89M$49.05M

TTEC Holdings (TTEC) Financials

TTEC Holdings Inc (TTEC) is a global customer experience technology and services company that provides innovative solutions to help organizations deliver exceptional customer experiences. The company's financials, such as its income statement, EBIT, EBITDA, gross profit, net income from stockholders, and total revenue, reflect its strong financial performance and growth.

TTEC Holdings Inc (TTEC) has consistently delivered impressive financial results, with its income statement showing significant revenue and profitability. The company's EBIT and EBITDA demonstrate its strong operational performance and efficient cost management. Moreover, TTEC Holdings Inc (TTEC) has maintained a healthy gross profit margin, which highlights its ability to generate revenue while effectively managing its direct costs.

The company's net income from stockholders, a key measure of profitability, has steadily increased over the years, indicating TTEC Holdings Inc's (TTEC) successful business model and financial stability. Additionally, the company's total revenue has shown consistent growth, driven by its strong global presence and customer-centric solutions.

TTEC Holdings Inc (TTEC) has a solid balance sheet, reflected in its financials. The company has significant cash equivalents, which provide a strong liquidity position to support its operations and investments. Moreover, TTEC Holdings Inc (TTEC) maintains a favorable net debt position, allowing it to pursue growth opportunities while managing its financial obligations effectively.

The company's stockholders equity represents the residual interest in the assets of TTEC Holdings Inc (TTEC) after deducting its liabilities. TTEC Holdings Inc (TTEC) has a healthy stockholders equity, which indicates its financial strength and ability to generate long-term value for its shareholders. Furthermore, the company's total assets and total debt provide a comprehensive view of its financial position and leverage.

TTEC Holdings Inc (TTEC) diligently manages its cash flow through effective financial planning and disciplined execution. The company's cash flow from operating activities reflects its ability to generate cash from its core operations. Additionally, TTEC Holdings Inc (TTEC) carefully manages its financing and investing cash flow, ensuring adequate capital allocation and prudent investments to drive growth and shareholder value.

Furthermore, TTEC Holdings Inc (TTEC) consistently generates free cash flow, a key indicator of its financial health and ability to fund investments and return capital to shareholders. The company's focus on driving operational excellence and maximizing cash flow generation has been instrumental in its success and sustainable growth.

In conclusion, TTEC Holdings Inc (TTEC) has a strong financial position and performance, as reflected in its financials. The company's income statement, EBIT, EBITDA, gross profit, net income from stockholders, and total revenue highlight its profitability and growth. Moreover, the company's balance sheet, cash flow, stockholders equity, and total assets and liabilities provide a comprehensive view of its financial position and stability. With its customer-centric solutions and global presence, TTEC Holdings Inc (TTEC) is well-positioned for continued success and value creation for its stakeholders.

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