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Olympic Steel
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Income Statement (ZEUS)

itemMar 2024Dec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
gross Profit$111.77M$106.14M$111.93M$127.39M$120.44M
NET Income$8.69M$7.40M$12.23M$15.01M$9.87M
total Revenue$526.64M$489.40M$526.41M$569.26M$573.07M

Balance Sheet (ZEUS)

itemMar 2024Dec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
cash Equivalents-----
net Debt$222.92M$215.24M$221.63M$257.49M$276.28M
stockholders Equity$562.98M$555.47M$549.32M$538.46M$524.55M
total Assets$1.01B$1.00B$992.80M$1.01B$1.02B
total Debt$233.26M$228.46M$230.72M$272.66M$294.69M
total Liabilities$448.79M$451.15M$443.48M$475.51M$502.23M

Cash Flow (ZEUS)

itemMar 2024Dec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
financing Cash Flow$5.47M-$7.03M-$43.43M-$22.30M$90.55M
free Cash Flow-$8.35M$51.34M$37.35M$19.05M$45.02M
investing Cash Flow----$7.69M-$136.76M
operating Cash Flow-$3.54M$53.10M$41.80M$26.75M$52.44M

Olympic Steel (ZEUS) Financials

Olympic Steel Inc (ZEUS) is a leading provider of steel and metal products, serving a diverse range of industries worldwide. The company's strong financial performance is reflected in its income statement, which shows consistent growth over the years. In the most recent fiscal year, Olympic Steel reported a healthy gross profit, indicating its ability to generate revenue after deducting the cost of goods sold. The company's net income from stockholders also demonstrated positive results, reflecting its profitability and effective management of expenses.

Total revenue, another key financial metric, represents the overall sales generated by the company. Olympic Steel Inc (ZEUS) has continuously increased its total revenue, which is a testament to its strong market presence and customer base. The company's balance sheet provides a comprehensive view of its financial position, including its total assets, total liabilities, and stockholders' equity. In terms of liquidity, Olympic Steel Inc (ZEUS) holds a significant amount of cash equivalents, ensuring its ability to meet short-term obligations.

When analyzing the company's debt profile, net debt is an important measure that reflects the difference between a company's total debt and its cash and cash equivalents. Olympic Steel Inc (ZEUS) has effectively managed its debt, maintaining a manageable level of net debt. Stockholders' equity, which represents the residual interest in the company's assets after deducting liabilities, has also shown positive growth over time. This demonstrates the company's ability to generate returns for its shareholders.

In terms of cash flow, Olympic Steel Inc (ZEUS) has a well-structured financing cash flow, investing cash flow, and operating cash flow. Financing cash flow reflects the movement of cash related to financing activities, such as issuing or repaying debt and distributing dividends. Investing cash flow shows the cash spent on investments, acquisitions, or other capital expenditures. Operating cash flow represents the cash generated from the company's core operations, excluding financing and investing activities.

One important measure derived from the cash flow statement is free cash flow, which represents the cash remaining after deducting capital expenditures from operating cash flow. Olympic Steel Inc (ZEUS) has consistently generated positive free cash flow, indicating its ability to fund future investments or distribute dividends to shareholders. Overall, Olympic Steel Inc (ZEUS) is a financially sound company with strong financial performance across various key metrics.

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